Company presentation

Our story

  • Staforce Europa A/S was established in 2023 as a joint venture between Staforce Ltd China, and the danish company Compfitt A/S. 
  • Staforce Ltd China has a total of 210 employees and an approximately annual turnover of €20 mio. Staforce develop and produce premium door and window system hardware. The company and the Staforce-brand is today recognized as a high-end brand within the window and door industry in China, and has since 2018 entered the European market with customized systems and components for the large scale industrial customers.
  • Compfitt has a total of 30 employees both in Denmark and China – turnover 13 mio EURO. Compfitt is a 27 year old danish company established by Knud Hermansen, and we are today a preferred sourcing company and supplier within Hardware for the woodworking industry as well as other industries. 
  • Since 2018, Staforce has focused on the Scandinavian and European market which today constitutes of approx. 2 Mio. Euro turnover mainly from four key-clients located in Scandinavia, Baltic Area, Germany and Austria.
  • Our factory was modernized in 2023, with new lay-out and all new automatic /semi-automatic production machinery and assembly lines.
  • Compfitt A/S is ISO9001 certified, and will in Q1 2024 be audited for 14001 & 45001 certification. Staforce Europa will operate according to the same structure. It is strategically decided in Staforce Ltd China – to be ready for the same certifications during 2024.